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Indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with our extensive massage and spa services at Mira Brow & Beauty. Our skilled therapists are well-versed in a variety of modalities, including the aromatic wonders of Aromatherapy. Immerse yourself in the healing scents of essential oils that enhance your massage experience, promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a holistic approach to healing and balance. Our Ayurvedic treatments incorporate personalised therapies to align your mind, body, and spirit.

Experience the bliss of Kansa Wand massage, a technique rooted in Indian tradition that employs a unique bronze tool to promote energy flow, reduce stress, and rejuvenate your complexion.

At our spa, we offer a range of holistic therapies that cater to your specific needs, leaving you revitalised and harmonised, ready to face the world with a newfound sense of vitality and serenity.

The massage & spa services at Mira Brow & Beauty

Pure Fiji Sugar Glow

Freshly harvested Sugar Cane from Fijiis combined with a botanical antioxidant, cold-pressed seed oils to exfoliate and nourish skin creating the ultimate healthy glow. Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut is gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of pure cane sugar and tropical seed oils riding the bidy of dead skin, revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening the skin’s elasticity and replenishing moisture loss. 

Including Shower – 5 Minutes

Coconut Crush Scrub

Cleanse, Polish and Protect your skin. Crushed coconut shells combined with pineapple enzymes gently bluff away dull skin cells and unclog pores rejuvenating your skin followed by Hydrating Body Lotion which will rapidly hydrate and nourish skin. 

Including Shower – 5 Minutes

Indian Head Oil Massage

A nourishing and de-stressing head, neck & shoulder massage that releases deep seated muscular tension. Additionally, the natural ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp, promoting hair growth. Helps to alleviate stress and migraine.  The head massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquillity and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration. During the Ayurvedic Head Massage, Ayurvedic oil will be kept for a suitable period on the head of an individual.

Swedish Full Body Massage

Light to medium pressure, promotes circulation and lymph movement. Good for stress related conditions and chronic pays.

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Experience the refreshing aroma of perfectly blended essential oils in a gentle effect massage. Effective aroma therapy is set to drain body waste and water tension out.

Foot Reflexology

Ayurvedic foot reflexology is not just application of pressure with the thumb over the various points of feet but it is also a massage of feet in such a manner so that person can relax and enjoy the sensual experience of feet massage. Thumb and finger pressure is used on reflex points of the feet, which stimulates the energy flow to specific organs and structures in the body, assisting them to function better. A sole to soul foot revival.

It is the best relaxation technique, which calms the mind and improves mental capacity. It also improves eyesight. It alleviates pain in the feet and heels. It relieves the tiredness of the feet and improves blood circulation.

In Ayurveda, it is used to treat various diseases by correcting the current flow with gentle pressure applied over the reflex zones of the feet. It aids to restore the natural functions of glands and may be helpful to normalize hormonal levels associated with stress. It increases the secretion of dopamine, which is believed to have a relation with stress and depression. Low levels are seen in stressed or depressed people . Therefore, foot reflexology becomes a better alternative treatment along with conventional medical therapy.

Kansa Wand Lower Leg Massage

Kansa Wand Lower Leg Massage Improves Lower Inflammation, Improves Lymphatic Circulation & Relieve Arthritis

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